How less clutter can help you become healthier…

Healthy living continues to become a stronger focus in America. Especially as we approach the summer months and are forced to wear less and less layers. From learning the right balance between food and exercise, to what type of food to eat, to trying a new and exciting weight loss program. In today’s world we are surrounded by information and resources that can help support a healthier lifestyle.

Working with clients in the home organization world has given me some insight into the relationship between clutter and health. We often think of clutter as mainly having a negative effect on people’s mental well being. While that is true, excessive clutter can also have an effect on our physical health. There is research showcasing how one’s mood can be impacted by the level of clutter in the home. 

People with more cluttered homes have been found to be more likely to experience depression and are 77% more likely to be overweight. The state of someone’s home can also be a predictor of their fitness level. 

We work with clients daily who simply “don’t know where to start” or “feel overwhelmed” at even the thought of removing the clutter in their home. We want to share our decluttering process so that you can give it a try yourself: 

Decluttering your home or space is as easy as SPO




Sort – putting items into categories will give you a clearer picture of how many of each item you own and it will allow you to make better and more efficient choices.

Purge – if it doesn’t serve a purpose, bring you happiness, hasn’t been used in over a year, or you “forgot you owned it” – it’s time to LET IT GO! 

Organize – be intentional about where you place items and why. Having a clear thought process for the decisions you make is helpful when trying to locate those items again. It also helps you stay accountable to putting the items where they belong because you don’t have to think about it. Eventually, your muscle memory will do all the work.

If you are too busy, too tired or feel too overwhelmed then it may be time to find a local organizer to help you get a jumpstart on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Having guidance and a helping hand from a professional can help you accomplish your goals sooner than you think. When you need help with physical fitness you call a personal trainer, when you need help in tidying your home, a Professional Organizer is the way to go. 

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