Moving doesn’t have to be as difficult as a chess game!

My dear friend is moving out of state. I am heartbroken but also excited about her family’s new adventure. Her husband received a job offer to go work in another state which will bring them closer to family. “It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.” Her words, not mine. I find that she is feeling exactly what many of our customers are feeling when they first reach out. Feelings overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Asking herself many questions including: what steps to take next? How to schedule vendors? How to find the best vendors? Who can she really trust with all of her possessions? All valid questions, that she must find an answer to and she has to do it quickly! They are expected to arrive to their new home state within the next couple of weeks.

During our recent conversation I realized that like my friend, many people find themselves in this situation and it feels like it’s time for a chess game to begin. Now, it’s time to come up with the best strategy while predicting other’s moves to “protect the king”. There are many benefits to playing the game of chess, however the truth is that it’s time consuming, takes a LOT of practice, and it requires incredible problem-solving skills. outlines.

The 9 Best Benefits of Playing Chess:

  1. Develops perspective
  2. Improves memory
  3. Deepens focus
  4. Elevates creativity
  5. Boosts planning skills
  6. Increases self-awareness
  7. Protects against dementia
  8. Helps ADHD
  9. Reduces panic attack symptoms

Let’s be real… It’s quite uniquely you’ll find articles out there with the best 9 benefits of moving that will positively impact your well being. Most people don’t master the game of chess because it’s time consuming, difficult and it takes a lot of strategy. Moving can be the exact same way! Once you have planned to move out of your current home, you must strategize how you’d like to go about making the move, complete a long list of tasks like finding the right vendors and figuring out timelines for them, while also being ready to solve problems on the go when things don’t go as you anticipated.

This is where partnering with a professional will help ease the stress of moving and allow you to save time, energy, and money in the process and possibly even learn how to play chess…

Here are some helpful tips for moving efficiently:

  • Schedule vendors at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance (more notice is always better) – this allows for more flexibility, and it ensures that you get to choose the dates versus having to work around the vendors’ schedule.
  • Ask specific questions: what type of communication can you expect from the vendors? Will they provide an arrival window? If so, how far in advance will they contact you to confirm? Is there any risk of you losing the appointment? Are they properly licensed and insured?
  • If hiring someone to “unpack” ask exactly what that means – often we find that unpacking services consists of the removal of items from the moving boxes and also the removal of debris, but it does not include putting items away for you (hanging up clothes in the closet, putting dishes and appliances away in the kitchen, setting up your home gym, etc..). This is where hiring a Professional Organizer for this task becomes extremely valuable.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who gets a relocation package with your job offer (or even if you aren’t), then you may decide to rely on a professional team to coordinate the details of your move. Planning your own move is unlikely to boos our creativity…

Hiring a professional team like My Home SOS to coordinate your move will ensure the following:

  • They will coordinate with the moving company so that services are confirmed for the date and time that you requested.
  • They will promptly schedule their team to sort through, purge and pack up all of your belongings. This is also while making sure everything is not only properly labeled but also labeled with extreme detail to help ease the transition into your new home. By the way, movers love arriving to a home that is prepared form them to get to work!
  • They will recommend vendors that they work with often and whom they can trust. Keep in mind that because of this, they will be familiar with the quality of work that the other vendor provides. My Home SOS works closely with Army Ant Moving to provide an exceptional moving experience for our mutual customers.

In short, the best way to protect “The King” (your wallet and peace of mind) is to enlist the help of professionals who take pride in their work and can easily guide you through the moving process.

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